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AC Damages caused by Dogs


Is there a male dog in the yard where the A/C “compressor” (condenser) is located?

Dog urine is extremely acidic. Should a dog urinate on your A/C unit, the metal frame may become damaged over time and delicate fins will start to crumble and deteriorate within a short length of time.

If you answered YES:
You should consider erecting a fence around your A/C unit to prevent catastrophic damage.

If the unit is running at the time the dog urinates, the urine will be sucked into the inside of the A/C unit and will swirl around causing faster deterioration. The damage is not always obvious – look for deteriorated fins, touch them with a screw driver and if they crumble, often a white deposit is visible.

If damage present, it is going to get worse even if the dog is removed and the eventual outcome is the necessary replacement of the A/C unit. A damaged or compromised A/C unit will not operate efficiently.

A fence will keep the dog away from the compressor and should be placed approximately three to four feet from the condenser. A gate may also be incorporated into the design to allow service personnel easy access for future service calls.

Note: The fence should be at least two feet high, and depending on the size of your dog it may have to be higher.

Note: The fence should be designed to allow air flow through it. A solid fence could impede the flow of air to the A/C unit.

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