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Get Rid of Low Water Pressure


Low Water Pressure coming from Shower Head

To solve low water pressure to your shower head, often times the solution is as simple as removing the shower head and removing the debris from the water saver.

  • With the Shower Head removed, run some water across the inlet side of the shower head while using a large paper clip to pick out the debris. Using a Teflon Thread Sealant, reinstall the shower head to the shower arm coming out from the wall until it is leak tight.

    • Note: If the flow of water has not improved, additional causes for restricted water flow include;

      • Normal flow condition through a water saver

        • Some Water Savers provide less than desirable water flow.

      • Faulty Pressure Regulator

        • Due to complex diagnostic steps, a $39 diagnostic will need to be performed to assess the condition of the Pressure regulator

      • Restriction in the Shower Valve body.

        • Due to the complexity of the potential problem, a $39 preliminary diagnostic will need to be performed at which time we will provide an Up Front Price to provide a thorough and complete repair. Upon your approval, in most cases we will repair the problem during our initial visit.

      • Calcified closures of the shower spray nozzles.

        • Soak shower head in Vinegar, CLR, Lime Away, or other descaling agent.

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