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Increase Hot Water in your Home

Hot Water is one of the most overlooked luxuries in today’s modern home (especially when the temps drop outside). So you can imagine the amount of frustration one feels when you jump into the shower after a long day, only to discover lukewarm water. Never fear, you may just be in need of a few minor adjustments during winter time to get your hot water levels up to par with current winter temps.

Here’s How

1. Locate your hot water heater. If you reside within an apartment complex, you may need to contact your landlord or management company in order to gain access to your water heater.

2. Look for a large round knob towards the bottom of the water heater (ours is red). When we first located the water heater, the knob was set at “Warm,” which was way too cold for us considering the recent winter temperatures.

3. Turn the knob to the desired temperature (towards “Hot”) and test the water temperature at a kitchen or bathroom sink, be sure to take precaution, as you do not want to set the water heater to a temperature that is “too hot”.

4. Keep moving the knob towards “Hot” until it reaches your preferred water temperature, or decrease the knob towards “Warm” if the water temperatures are too hot for comfort.

Additional Notes: Even though our hot water heater was cool to the touch, be careful when turning the temperature dial. If you’ve just taken a shower or used the hot water, it’s likely that the unit will be hot to the touch. It’s always a best practice to use safety gloves when manually turning the water heater knob.

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