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Carrier Energy ExpertsThe Carrier 360° is a six-step process that includes a full range of services to determine and resolve issues related to your home comfort level and energy use. The six steps include:

STEP 1. Inspection

STEP 2. Tests

STEP 3. Analysis

STEP 4. Recommendation

STEP 5. Resolution

STEP 6. Results

What is Involved in a Whole Home Energy Audit?

Following is a list of some of the tests and analyses included in a Carrier360°.

Carrier 360° Components

  • Health and Safety Check* (Inspect for smoke detector / CO monitors / Health hazards)
  • Combustible Appliance Zone Check (Check CO levels in home)
  • Gas Leakage Test (Check for combustible gas leaks)
  • Energy Savings Assessment Check (Prioritize and recommend energy saving methods and repairs)
  • Building Performance and Air Leakage Test: Blower Door Test (Evaluate and identify air tight the home is)
  • Thermal Imaging Survey (Scan home with thermal imaging camera to identify hidden areas of concern i.e. missing insulation)
  • Cost Benefit Analysis For Energy Control Measure (ECMs) (Approximate savings for energy savings)
  • Duct System Leakage Test & Inspection† (In depth test/inspection of duct leakage to unconditioned areas)
  • Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation Test Inspection*† (Inspect ventilation for fresh air requirements. Check filtration of current systems)
  • Combustible Appliance and Zone Test† (Test the home and identify gas appliances for CO leak under “worst case” scenario)

* The detection and remediation of mold is exempt from any Carrier 360° analyses and recommendations.

† Building analyst to determine if required based on current home conditions.

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