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Winter is coming!

Walking outside in winter

Why you should have your furnace checked before winter.

At the top of this article you will see a picture of some thing that you might not recognize It is a flue pipe that one of our technicians found attached to a furnace at a customers home just this past week doing a furnace maintenance. Whats the problem you might ask? Well…. see the top it has been squished down to fit inside a smaller sized vent pipe. That is bad! Flue pipe sizes can not be reduced down in size. When connections and reductions in size like this occur, it poses a risk of poisonous carbon monoxide spilling into the home. This is exactly what was happening when our technician found this. He was tipped off by the high humidity and the smell of incomplete combustion when he opened the furnace closet in the home. Our technician also noted elevated carbon monoxide levels with his detector in that area. Had this situation not be caught and fixed I hate to think of the consequences. Remember to have your furnace inspected every fall.

For more information see our blog on Carbon Monoxide and install a Carbon Monoxide Detector.

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