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Reduce Water Heater Temp to "Low" For Safety and Energy Efficiency

undefinedI’m shocked – SHOCKED – when I find the water heater in a customer’s home set at 140°F or more! Not only is this dangerous, it’s also very wasteful. We recommend reducing hot water heater temperatures to “Low” or 120°F for improved energy efficiency throughout the region.

TIP: Be sure to confirm your dishwasher requirements allow for the lower temperatures. Turning the heat down also lessens the occurrence of fire hazards and other plumbing emergencies.

And, if you’re running out of hot water everyday, don’t increase the temperature on your water heater. It’s time to upgrade to an updated, energy efficient model.

Looking for more information on improving energy efficiency in your home? Schedule an appointment with one of our Home Energy Auditorsto perform a CARRIER® 360º WHOLE HOME ENERGY AUDIT.

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