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Prevent Damage with These Maintenance Tips

Nearly 84 percent of households in the United States have a heating and air conditioning unit of some kind, meaning the US uses more air conditioning than all other nations combined! This also means that we have become incredibly dependent on our ability to change the indoor temperature at the flick of a switch or press of a button.

In order to make sure that your HVAC unit doesn’t fail you at the most inconvenient time like during the dead of winter or the peak of summer, it’s important that you take good care of it. Part of this includes getting regular maintenance done.

Threats to Your System

There are a lot of factors that will work against your HVAC system including the environment that it’s in, its age, and how well you maintain it, which you have the most control over.

Maintenance for Your System

Keeping your HVAC unit properly maintained will help it to work more efficiently which will save energy, save money and help it to last as long as possible. Below is a list of maintenance tips for your HVAC unit.

Change the Filter

Most brands recommend that you change your filter between once every month or once every two months. However, you should change it more frequently if you have pets. This prevents the system from overworking, which can cause a lot of problems if left unchecked and lead to your system breaking down prematurely.

Additionally, keep in mind that the most important times to change your filters are right before the changing of the seasons.

Clean the Evaporator Coil and Drain

Unclean evaporator coils that are left uncleaned for long periods of time can cause your AC to blow warm air. You can brush the dust and spray a no-rinse evaporator coil cleaner to solve this problem. Cleaning the Evaporator Drain will prevent molds from forming and ultimately ruining your system.


Make sure that you always keep at least two feet of clearance around your outdoor HVAC unit. Any dirt or debris that gets caught in your unit will weaken its performance and make it work inefficiently.

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